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To make a successful application to a British university it is necessary to perfect three areas: academic results, English language requirements and personal statement writing.

Our tutors are world leaders in their fields of study, fulfilling your academic ambitions.

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Profile building & personal statements

One of the most important aspects of applying to university in the U.K. is profile building. Applications are entirely holistic and it is necessary to have a strategy to build yourself into a well-rounded student whom universities want to invite to study with them and to write the perfect personal statement to match

We help you to do this over a period of 12-18 months, focussing on building on your academic skills, your extracurriculars (sports, art, charity work), and soft skills too like interview skills. We will help build you into the ideal student and get you into your dream university.

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Specialised mentoring

After your first academic assessment, we will advise you on the best suited courses for higher education. Once you have decided which course/s you will apply for we will help you with expert tuition in that subject.

All of our tutors hold degrees from the best universities in the world and are experts in their fields. We advise you to undertake 12 months of tuition with one of our experts who will help you become well read in your chosen course and develop a strong grasp of the subject. We also assist in tuition for advanced entrance exams for Oxbridge, Law and Medicine.

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English language tuition - TOEFL & IELTS

All universities in the U.K. have requirements to pass English language exams such as IELTS and TOEFL, for the best universities this is often a 6.5 on the IELTS exam or B2/C1 level.

Our tutors are highly experienced at helping students pass these exams and improve their English level.

How it works


Consult with your education consultant

Each family has unique needs and we believe a bespoke approach is the key to success.

Our experts will create a long-term learning strategy to help realise your goals.

We meticulously plan every step of the process and provide you with a clear route with milestones so that you fully understand how we will help you.


Tutor selection

We offer specialist tutors to fit your academic goals.

Every single tutor is Russell Group-/Oxbridge-educated and have

extensive teaching experience – both privately and in the best schools internationally.

Each tutor is hand-picked by our educational consultants according to qualifications and personality to ensure the perfect fit for each student.


Tutor start

Schedule lessons with your tutor following the plan


Progress monitoring

Your educational consultant liaises with your tutor to ensure the student follows a tailored tuition plan.

Your tutor provides regular update reports on your custom online platform, accessible on any mobile device.

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Frequently asked questions

What tuition do you offer for University entrance exams?

Entrance exams to universities are some of the toughest exams out there. Although they are mostly limited to applicants at Oxford & Cambridge, as well as would-be students in the fields of law and medicine. Our tutors are not only excellent communicators but they will have passed the exam you are taking themselves. We only pair students with teachers who have both experience teaching the exam as well as taking it when they were students. We believe this an important edge as these tutors have the advantage of understanding both sides of the coin.

Why might I use a tutor to help me get into University?

Getting into university is one of the biggest challenges most students face, it can be incredibly stressful and sometimes schools just don’t fulfil their obligation to never leave a student behind. If you want to get an advantage and to maximise your chances of getting into a fantastic university it makes a great deal of difference to have a tutor to help you. If you need a tutor for your A-levels or just to help write your personal statement. There is no easier way than to get an academic expert to help build your profile to being show stopping.

Do you offer tuition for students at University?

Usually students come to us, to help manage a transition or achieve an academic goal - to get into their dream school. Sometimes though, students do come to us if they are struggling with a difficult module or an essay topic and we do our best to accommodate them, but it is rare. Our aim is to equip students to be fully self-sufficient by university age, so mostly we deal with new students at this level. But all are welcome, and a huge part of our senior team are PhD level academics, perfect for these kinds of tasks.

What is your mentoring programme?

Our mentoring programme is a cornerstone of both school and university applications. It goes far beyond expert tuition, it is about becoming enthralled by a subject. Universities and schools want students who are passionate about their studies to a fault. Our mentors help you to grow these interests. They help you with extracurricular essays, projects, lectures and reading lists. They push you to become the expert of your chosen field and help you stand out from the sea of other applicants.

What is profile building and why is it important?

Profile building is a key stone of any successful application to a top school or university. Profile building is the continued process of moulding the skills of students to make them the most attractive to schools. This includes developing musical talents, sporting prowess, charity work, academic excellence and much more. We look at pupils and perform a full assessment of their skills and abilities and from this we develop a long term plan to grow in key areas that are most sought after by the most prestigious schools.

Where can I have lessons?

Lessons can take place wherever you like! Currently, 50% of our tutors work online which makes it easier to study wherever you are in the world. Many clients prefer to have lessons in their home - we have a network of over 500 tutors in 15 different countries, so wherever you are, it is likely we have a fantastic tutor a short distance away. Some clients also take tutors with them on holiday, many of our tutors are more than happy to work abroad with you.

How much does tuition cost?

Fees can be found here. Fees for tuition at university level are 80 GBP per hour.