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Selecting the right school

Your child's future starts with the right school

We are here to help you successfully manage one of the most important decisions in your child's life. From an initial consultation, assessment and tuition plans, we offer bespoke strategies for your family's needs. We take time to carefully consider the perfect approach and guide you through applying to the best independent schools in the U.K.


Lucy - Head Education Consultant

Lucy has spent many years working in the private education sector. As the headmistress of a leading day school in London she is well versed in the intricacies of applying to the very best private schools in the U.K. 


Your strategy for a successful U.K. independent school entry

Our consultants take the time to learn about your family and the best education solutions for you. We offer meticulous planning and strategy in tuition, profile building and school selection.

Your bespoke strategy

a thorough overview of the UK independent schools system 

a carefully planned strategy for your child to enter target schools

ideal entry points / UK school stages (7+, 8+, 11+, 13+, 14+ or 16+)

advice on subject and curriculum choices outline of the preparation and admissions process

Packages from

£ 995

Main points of entry



Private tuition via Zkype or Zoom

In person


Private tuition in your home



Have a tutor who will live and travel with you

How the consultancy process works

Consultation with your education expert


Every family has different goals for their children and each child is unique too. Finding the right school for your child is something to be carefully considered.

Our education consultants listen to your needs carefully and work hard to understand which schools would suit your child best. After this consultation, we provide you with a long list of 10 different schools for your consideration.


Assessment and consultation

Getting to know your child is crucial to understanding their abilities and personality.

We conduct an in-depth assessment of aptitudes in English, Mathematics, Non-verbal reasoning, verbal reasoning as well as interviews and psychometric evaluation. These results allow us to create an academic strategy and to understand which schools to apply.

Following this, we provide a 'short list' of 8 schools ranked in order of likelihood to be successful with a balanced outlook with safety schools considered.


Mapping of the process

Our team will clearly map the process of each school and their specific application process including testing and deadlines.

Our consultants will complete all of the paperwork needed to make applications.


Visits & boarding house advisory

Your educational consultant will visit chosen schools with you to make sure the right questions get asked.

One area of research we go the extra mile on, is boarding houses. Different boarding houses can create entirely different atmospheres for students. We interview recent graduates of leading U.K. boarding schools to help you understand which one will fit best.

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