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To make a successful application to a British boarding school at 11+, 13/14+ or 16+ there are a number of exams you need to pass. Our tutors are experts in passing these exams and can help you with this process.

Our tutors are world leaders in their fields of study, fulfilling your academic ambitions.

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Consult with your education consultant

Each family has unique needs and we believe a bespoke approach is the key to success.

Our experts will create a long-term learning strategy to help realise your goals.

We meticulously plan every step of the process and provide you with a clear route with milestones so that you fully understand how we will help you.


Tutor selection

We offer specialist tutors to fit your academic goals.

Every single tutor is Russell Group-/Oxbridge-educated and have

extensive teaching experience – both privately and in the best schools internationally.

Each tutor is hand-picked by our educational consultants according to qualifications and personality to ensure the perfect fit for each student.


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Your educational consultant liaises with your tutor to ensure the student follows a tailored tuition plan.

Your tutor provides regular update reports on your custom online platform, accessible on any mobile device.

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Tutor spotlight

Top tier tutors for a range of subjects available to teach in your home

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Sam Willis

UCL: English literature Ba (Hons), Comparative literature (Ma)


"Since leaving UCL, I have been working as a private tutor, helping children prepare for competitive entrance exams at 11+ and 13+. I absolutely love my work and couldn't be happier with my students. This year I've had 2 accepted to Eton College, 1 to Brighton College and 3 to my alma mater - Wellington College."

Frequently asked questions

How much does tuition cost?

Fees can be found here. Fees for tuition for schools' entrance exams are 80 GBP per hour.

What exams are needed to enter a boarding school?

This will depend on the school you choose and the entry point you choose. For entry at 13+ entry English and Maths are always standard. Top schools will also usually have papers in Science and Verbal reasoning. Many of the very best schools also practice pre-testing using ISEB or UKiset whereby they get an idea of academic ability before an application is made. If you are successful in the pretest you are invited to apply to the school. At 16+ you are required to take exams in the subjects you wish to take at A-level at the school as well as English exams too. For example if you wish to take A levels in Maths, you will be asked to take a 16+ entrance paper in Mathematics.

What is the UKiset pre-test?

The UKiset is an online test used by independent schools in the UK as part of their selection process. The test looks at the child’s processing skills and learning potential to give school’s an idea of a student’s academic potential. The test consists of reasoning (quantitative, non-verbal and verbal), the Cambridge English placement test and a personal essay. It is an important exam in the process, as students need to score sufficiently here to even make an application in many cases.

What is the ISEB pre-test?

The ISEB pre-test is another online test used by independent schools as part of their assessment process. The test is age standardised to assess the academic potential of pupils aged 10 or 11. The test is multiple choice in mathematics, English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. The test is taken at the student’s current school and the results are sent to the parents.

Where do lessons take place?

Lessons can take place wherever you like! Currently 50% of our tutors work online which makes it easier to study wherever you are in the world. Many clients prefer to have lessons in their home - we have a network of over 500 tutors in 15 different countries, so wherever you are, it is likely we have a fantastic tutor a short distance away. Some clients also take tutors with them on holiday, many of our tutors are more than happy to work abroad with you.

How long does it take to prepare to enter a british boarding school and pass their exams?

The amount of time taken to adequately prepare for exams will entirely depend on your current academic level and what your target schools are. That being said, 2 years is ideal, most targets can be met within this time frame. If your child already attends a British/international school it might be viable to prepare in less time. However, no matter the target, 12 months really is the minimum time where effective progress can be made.