Recruitment for Schools

We recruit talented and passionate teachers for schools over the world

Our dedicated recruitment ream will hand select the perfect candidates for teaching positions at your school. We have successfully placed over 90 teachers in more than 40 different schools in Russia and CIS countries since 2018.

Our promise to you

thoroughly vetted candidates (education, CRB and references)

candidates who exceed your expectations professionally and personally

 passionate teachers who are here to stay

teachers who believe in the ethos and values of your school

Average recruitment timeline



How we can help you recruit top staff for your school

Consultation with the Recruitment Director


Every school is different and each role is completely unique to that school. We believe that the key to great recruitment is to understand which type of teachers would thrive in your school

Our recruitment director will visit your school and get to know exactly which teachers would add value to your school and help the school grow so that you can focus on what is important


Search Period

The average time frame to fill a vacancy in the education sphere is 52 days, our average is 31 days. During this period we recruit on behalf of your school using Executive Search methods to find not only highly-qualified teachers, but teachers who love what they do


Consideration of Candidates

Within the first 14 days we will send you suitable candidates to consider, during this period we will arrange further interviews between yourselves and worthy candidates


Hire the Perfect Teacher

After you have interviewed your prospective candidates and shortlisted the best ones, we will assist you to make the perfect selection for your school

Once you have made your choice we will communicate between yourselves and the candidate/s for salary negotiations and potential logistical questions

Our Clients

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Frequently asked questions

Why would our school use a company to help find teachers?

Using a company to help recruit teachers helps alleviate the stresses of recruitment, it will save you time, energy and most likely money. Too often, schools have to devote large resources to recruitment, staff management and bad hires. Spencer Perceval Education will help you to find the perfect teachers so that you can focus on what really matters.

How long does it take to fill a vacancy?

Time taken to fill a vacancy depends on the role. Sometimes more specialist roles in high demand subjects take longer than others. It also depends on the schools’ requirements - sometimes schools ask for certain nationalities or very specific skills sets. Currently though we are operating at an average of 31 days to fill a role, which is good against the industry average of around 52 days to fill a role. For us though, we really take the time to learn about the schools, the environment, the students, everything. It's most important for us to know the full picture so that we can find the very best and brightest candidates to help your school thrive.

How much do you charge to fill a vacancy?

Standard headhunting fees are 20% of gross pay, we are slightly more competitive on price, operating at 15% for most roles. However, sometimes if the role is particularly specialised or more difficult to recruit for then this rate may be slightly higher.

What is special about Spencer Perceval Education?

We have a network of over 2500 teachers in the UK and across the globe. We are the only firm who specialises in education recruitment at this scale in Russia and CIS countries. And ultimately our track record speaks for itself, on average our teachers stay longer in their jobs onced placed and boast job satisfaction as over 90%. We really take the time to make sure the candidate will fit in with the schools, their ethos, their mission and find teachers that not only teach incredibly but also share the same values as you.

What kind of support do you give to the teachers that you recruit?

We provide a lot of support for our placed teachers, we believe it is incredibly important for retention. It is our promise to both schools and teachers to help everyone understand the full picture of all expectations. For teachers, we have a dedicated social officer who helps teachers with everything from finding an apartment, making friends, how to navigate a city and much more. We never leave any teachers struggling for themselves with these difficulties and always make sure they are completely acclimated to their new environment.