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Recruitment for Schools

We recruit talented and passionate teachers for schools over the world

Our dedicated recruitment ream will hand select the perfect candidates for teaching positions at your school. We have successfully placed over 90 teachers in more than 40 different schools in Russia and CIS countries since 2018.

Our promise to you

thoroughly vetted candidates (education, CRB and references)

candidates who exceed your expectations professionally and personally

 passionate teachers who are here to stay

teachers who believe in the ethos and values of your school

Average recruitment timeline



How we can help you recruit top staff for your school

Consultation with the Recruitment Director


Every school is different and each role is completely unique to that school. We believe that the key to great recruitment is to understand which type of teachers would thrive in your school

Our recruitment director will visit your school and get to know exactly which teachers would add value to your school and help the school grow so that you can focus on what is important


Search Period

The average time frame to fill a vacancy in the education sphere is 52 days, our average is 31 days. During this period we recruit on behalf of your school using Executive Search methods to find not only highly-qualified teachers, but teachers who love what they do


Consideration of Candidates

Within the first 14 days we will send you suitable candidates to consider, during this period we will arrange further interviews between yourselves and worthy candidates


Hire the Perfect Teacher

After you have interviewed your prospective candidates and shortlisted the best ones, we will assist you to make the perfect selection for your school

Once you have made your choice we will communicate between yourselves and the candidate/s for salary negotiations and potential logistical questions

Our Clients

Teachers of 2021

Speak with an Advisor Today!

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  • When should I go to a UK school?
    The main entry points for UK schools are 13+ (just before GCSEs) and 16+ for A-levels. However, most schools also have some flexibility for 14+ entry if you miss 13+ but competition here is extremely fierce - usually just 4 or 5 places available. Prep schools also take boys from aged 7 and schools that have a large intake of day students, like Sevenoaks also take children at 11+ ( a very popular entry point for non-boarders in the UK)
  • How long does it take to prepare to enter a school in the UK?
    The answer to this depends on a number of factors. You could argue that UK students spend 6 or 7 years in top prep schools preparing to enter the very best boarding schools. The truth is that it takes on average 2 years to prepare to enter a UK school. The main focus is on profile building, English and entrance examinations. But one should be mindful of the process. Some schools such as Eton college require registration of the pupil at aged 9, this is 4 years before the desired entry point. You really need to be on top of the process from quite a young age to put in place the necessary steps to ensure success.
  • What is your success rate?
    We have a very strong success rate, in fact it's 100%. We are extremely fortunate to work with clients who really understand the process and appreciate how much work they need to put in. Due to this, our clients listen to our advice religiously and invest everything they can into achieving success. As well as this, we only take a certain number of clients each year allowing us to focus entirely on them. As of 2021, every single one of our students has been placed at their top choice school.
  • How can Spencer Perceval help me with this process?
    Every year we work with a small number of clients helping them enter UK schools. We work extremely hard to understand the relative strengths and weaknesses of your child’s application and then build out a strategy to maximise your chances of success. Profile building is at the centre of this strategy. Our consultants work out how to make your child stand out from the crowd, building up an outstanding application that schools won’t be able to turn away. Our consultants are typically ex-head masters and mistresses of leading prep schools and help give you the advice you need to get into your dream school.
  • What is profile building and why is it important?
    Profile building is a key stone of any successful application to a top school or university. Profile building is the continued process of moulding the skills of students to make them the most attractive to schools. This includes developing musical talents, sporting prowess, charity work, academic excellence and much more. We look at pupils and perform a full assessment of their skills and abilities and from this we develop a long term plan to grow in key areas that are most sought after by the most prestigious schools.
  • How are you different from other consultancy firms?
    We centre our approach on learning as much as we can about your child and your family to find the most specialised and effective solution to your needs. Integrity and honesty remain key pillars of our company, we will give you real and pragmatic advice, and strategy to help get the best results for your family. We employ a number of tech solutions to increase transparency so that you may track our work at any time of the day online. Finally, we believe in the British education system and want as many children to have the advantages that it gives, including your family.
  • What are your fees?
    Fees can be found here. Fees for consultancy services start range from £1000 - £13,500 depending on the level of support required.
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